jen and the baldwins..
araucaria bidwillii. from northeastern australia.
room hang.
lunch. normal.
APRIL 25, 2012
APRIL 23, 2012
APRIL 20, 2012 ..... Coachella
dan keyes and aliya naumoff ....
andy... loves carnivals
maria... and nylon's marvin scott and jaclynn jarrett
maria and roark's andrew steiger.
aris tunson and dion demetries <3
names not needed.
the weekend....
andrea last saturday.
APRIL 1, 2012
Rubin underground
when west goes south...
APRIL 3, 2012
APRIL 8, 2012
APRIL 8, 2012
Doug Neill and Jen Karigan at the Roark event : h. lorenzo, west hollywood
Rhonda party : dtla
Mr. Steven Meiers and I at rhonda
APRIL 5, 2012
mark seekings : brooklyn
danny and ian at roark's spring launch : los angeles
the real party is in the ladies room : le baron, tokyo
APRIL 11, 2012
Black hawk down : Ramona at the Badoo Project
crew... in ny
pretty bunny lillian grant + vincent gallo .... nicolas berggruen's easter dinner