JANUARY 16, 2012
Graham : las vegas
Friends : sunset blvd
My sexy piece of roomie : our apartment
Andrew : sunset blvd
JANUARY 11, 2012
Hands in a tent : mammoth lakes, ca
Christian : east la
Christian : east la
My dad and mom in the 80's. Babes.
JANUARY 9, 2012
Lava sus manos : hyde again, las vegas
Avery : las vegas, nv
Graham in bed : las vegas, nv
Whitney : newport beach, ca
Someone gave her cash : las vegas
Jen K all day : silverlake, ca
JANUARY 5, 2012
Hyde Bellagio opening : las vegas, nv
Ave and Graham. Sober : bellagio las vegas
Ave and the "I'm getting naked" guy : hyde bellagio
New friends : hyde bellagio
JANUARY 2, 2012
Happy New Year : hyde bellagio opening, las vegas
DECEMBER 26, 2011
Florence : in la
Francis : my room in la
Fortune cookies with Carlos Nunez : jones, west hollywood
Christmas decorations : redlands, ca
Smoke break : chateau, west hollywood
JANUARY 13, 2012
Brushing our teeth on new years eve : las vegas, nv
mikes bow tie.
smoking in the club : las vegas, nv
dom and theivery in the casino. oceans shit. : bellagio las vegas
Felix da housecat and Paul Oakenfold : hyde bellagio
Alex : sls hotel