MAY 31, 2012
the weekend.... jk + manface
biggie's twin
fernando won't let us say no to a good time.
fefe larue... <3
bitches upstate.
comme des fuckdown babe.
MAY 23, 2012
hey leg.
kael. tie
dan. keyes.
MAY 14, 2012
fpf..... downtown
complex mag's jlp + maria rubin... shreds
nick and his boo at the standard
MAY 11, 2012
nameless lookbook.... these were not really polaroids. duh.
brad elterman photographing our lovely waitress at the ace hotel...
chris performing in the early morning... at his house in echo park
MAY 7, 2012
music hall. dtla
jane. x.
all blk errthang.
par o.
curtis + ramona + cappello + missing loved ones.
MAY 4, 2012
MAY 1, 2012
black napkin snitch.... baby g
space cadet
nate #cigswag
steve lee in my car.
APRIL 27, 2012
Friends on Friday..... PATRICK HOELCK

I met Patrick at the home of a mutual friend a while back... We started chatting and it came up that we both took pictures.. thus the beginning of our very entertaining friendship. I've found Mr. Hoelck to be an amazing juggler of parties, people, and projects. He's always on the move and has always got something up his sleeve. If there's anyone who lives in the moment, it is this man.


A: Can you share anything about the new photo book you have coming out? This will be your third after Tar and Polaroid Hotel right?

PH: Yes. I've been shooting it for six years. Today we're probably passing five hundred subjects. it also has 12 years of writing. It's been a long journey and we're hoping to have an edit by May.

A: How's the new cyc in your backyard coming along?

PH: Funny you should ask, my neighbor just sent me a passive aggressive letter stating that she was going to call the city officials about it.

A: Tell me about your love triangle.

PH: I like a girl named Andi Elloway... Never.

A: Name five uses for an empty staple gun.

PH: None five times.

A: Name five inedible things you'd put in a blender.

PH: Weird time five.

A: On a scale of 1-10, how crazy are you?

PH: Zero.


Love you my friend! xx